1. Are your Scopes Safe?

    Are your Scopes Safe?

    More and more cases of infection risk have been arising frequently.  When a scope is received from a clinic and the repairs are declined, and they opt out for a cheaper repair, it is very concerning.  What happens when you have to have your EGD or colonoscopy done?  Becuase of infection control and new regulations, we will not repair a scope unless it is approved to be fully patient ready.  Sure, we may miss out on money, but a life is irreplaceble.  Pre cleaning immediately after your procedure and handling of the endosope are two major steps that are not covered enough.  These will keep your endoscopes safe from damages, and keep the lumens from building up and leaving you with a safe and ready to use endoscope.  If you have any questions on cleaning or the proper techniques, please feel free to call: 929-352-3636

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  2. Out with the OLD in with the NEW!

    Out with the OLD in with the NEW!

    Sure, getting a CV-190 isnt cheap, but what is going to speed up your cases and give you a better diagnosis?  With a better image and being able to do a faster procedure, you will create more time overall to get this unit paid for.  Its well worth it to go HD now rather than later.  Contact us for the CV-190 tower and we will customize your Surgical Suite to fit your needs.  Call: 929-352-3636

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  3. Olympus Common Terms/Acronyms

    Olympus Common Terms/Acronyms
    Olympus Common Terms/Acronyms
    Prefixes Suffixes Inside P/N
    AF Angioscope 2 Numbers Fiber A Suction Function
    BF Bronchoscope     D  
    CF Colonoscope ex. BF-10/CF-10L/GIF-P20   I Intermediate (Colono 133cm)    
    CF(S) Sigmoidoscope     K  
    CHF Choledochoscope 3 Numbers Video L Long (Colono 168cm)
    CLE Light Source     M Short (Colono 103cm)
    CLH Light Source ex. CF-100L/GIF-140   P Pediatric
    CLK Light Source Q Super Image
    CLV Light Source T Therapeutic
    CV Processor V Video
    CYF Cystoscope X Slim
    ENF ENT Scope  
    GIF Gastroscope  
    HYF Hysteroscope  
    JF Duodenoscope  
    LF Intubation Scope  
    LTF Rigid - Deflectable Tip  
    OSF Sigmoidoscope  
    PCF Pediatric Colonoscope  
    PF Angioscope  
    SIF Small Bowel Scope  
    SU Suction Pump  
    TJF Therapeutic Duoden  
    URF Ureteroscope  
    XLS Light Source            
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  4. Pentax Common Terms/Acronyms

    Pentax Common Terms/Acronyms
    Pentax Common Terms/Acronyms  
    Prefixes Inside Suffixes
    Type Outer Diameter  
    F = Fiber Size = ex. 38/3 = 12.7 mm Scope Characteristics
    V = Video   AP = Air Pulse Technology
    E = Electronic Video Processor F = Full (1500mm/150cm)
        L = Long (1700mm/170cm)
    Application 30/31/40 = EPM-1000/3300/3500 Q = Oblique Optics
    B = Bronchoscope 30K/31K/70K = EPK-700 R = Rigid Ocular
    C = Colonoscope   T = Therapeutic/Two Channel
    CN = Choledoch/Nephroscope   U = Ultrasound - Linear
    CP = Cholangio (Baby) scope   UR = Ultrasound - Radial
    CY = Cystoscope   Z = Zoom
    D = Duodenoscope    
    E = Esophagoscope   Series
    G = Gastroscope   BS = Portable (Bedside)
    I = Intubation Scope   K = Color CCD (Requires EPK-700)
    NL = Nasolaryngoscope   P = Simplified Fiberscopes
    S = Sigmoidoscope   V = Fiber Endoscope
    SB = Small Bowel Enteroscope    
    UR = Ureteroscope    
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