1. Adaptable Medical Endoscopy Joint Venture Between PENTAX Medical and Aohua

    PENTAX Medical (a division of HOYA Group) and Shanghai Aohua Photoelectricity Endoscope Co., Ltd. (AOHUA) today reported the formation of a joint dare to create items in the field of adaptable medicinal endoscopy. The new organization will offer worldwide endoscopy arrangements and will at first spotlight on the necessities of developing markets. Adaptable endoscopy is around a $2.5B market comprehensively that is developing at a normal of 5% every year. The rising markets are a key development driver, in light of expanding populace, financial development, interests in medicinal establishments and foundation and a developing interest for negligibly intrusive methods. "We are eager to build up this coordinated effort with AOHUA that further advances our central goal to enhance the standard of patient care and the nature of human services far and wide," said David Woods, Chief Marketing Officer of PENTAX Medical, "The corresponding idea of PENTAX Medical and AOHUA's abilities will address scratch social insurance challenges and our two organizations share a dream of conveying enhanced medicinal services through early identification of growth and other GI ailments in these developing markets." "Ingraining clinical certainty by conveying superior, unwavering quality, and incentive to our clients is at the center of all that we do," said Gerald W. Bottero, Global President of PENTAX Medical, "Now PENTAX Medical alongside AOHUA anticipates offering endoscopy arrangements in the developing nations everywhere throughout the world." The new organization, PENTAX-Aohua Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. will be headquartered in Asia and intends to create and popularize items starting with key developing markets in Asia, Latin America Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. "With PENTAX Medical as our accomplice, this joint wander gives AOHUA the prompt chance to achieve more patients all through the world," said Dr. Xiaozhou Gu, CEO of AOHUA, "We have been committed to creating imaginative technology, and our representatives' diligent work and devotion will empower us to keep on delivering better and reasonable endoscopy arrangements that enhance quiet care," Augustine Yee, Chief Legal Officer and Global Head of Corporate Development of HOYA Corporation remarked, "This coordinated effort unites consolidated qualities of PENTAX Medical's worldwide framework and the abilities and learning of the main endoscope organization in China. We anticipate the chance of utilizing these cooperative energies towards the change of patient wellbeing all around." Despite the fact that the association is normal to support the endoscopy frill product offerings, GlobalData trusts that it will likewise affect the adaptable endoscopy item contributions because of the joint wander between Pentax Medical and Shanghai AoHua. A closer examination of GlobalData's clinical preliminaries database uncovers that Pentax is presently associated with various preliminaries concentrated on testing the viability of a portion of the organization's more up to date endoscopy items, which spin around endoscopic perception frameworks and colonoscopes. As far as innovative work (R&D), Pentax has an expanding center around growing more conservative and scaled down extensions and propelled picture preparing innovation stages. As indicated by GlobalData's examination, other real players inside the endoscopy region incorporate Fujifilm Corporation, Karl Storz, Olympus Corporation, and Richard Wolf. Progressively, the piece of the overall industry in this space has been driven by incremental advancements inside this territory, which are essentially determined by upgrades in representation yields, for example, 3D and 4K. A later pattern is the advancement of endoscopes that are utilized related to dispensable defensive hindrances, for example, EndoSheath from Cogentix Medical. Utilizing a solitary utilize obstruction on an endoscope is intended to diminish the complexities related with the purification of utilized extensions. Rivalry inside the endoscopy space is high, and the qualifications between various item contributions are remarkable to each organization. Upheld by the ebb and flow progressions in perception yield, there is continuous research to decide if these endoscopes can be utilized for different applications, for example, the conclusion of carcinogenic cells by means of a kind of optical biopsy. The advancement of an endoscope that can address more up to date therapeutic applications, for example, disease, is probably going to have a more troublesome impact on the endoscopy territory contrasted with the flow size of developments. To make a critical focused edge, organizations inside the endoscopy region would need to create items or advancements that can help rethink the utilization of endoscopy. The blend of aptitude and learning in the adaptable endoscopy zone caused by the joint wander between Pentax Medical and Shanghai AoHua is required to create energy among those in the endoscopy business, especially as Pentax Medical has a set up item portfolio with a worldwide foundation and Shanghai AoHua is a rising local player. With the joined assets of the two organizations, the association expands the odds of growing new items in adaptable endoscopy and could prompt an item that reclassifies the use of endoscopy totally. The truth will surface eventually how far and wide this current coordinated effort's persuasions will be on the endoscopy business.

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  2. Are your Scopes Safe?

    Are your Scopes Safe?

    More and more cases of infection risk have been arising frequently.  When a scope is received from a clinic and the repairs are declined, and they opt out for a cheaper repair, it is very concerning.  What happens when you have to have your EGD or colonoscopy done?  Becuase of infection control and new regulations, we will not repair a scope unless it is approved to be fully patient ready.  Sure, we may miss out on money, but a life is irreplaceble.  Pre cleaning immediately after your procedure and handling of the endosope are two major steps that are not covered enough.  These will keep your endoscopes safe from damages, and keep the lumens from building up and leaving you with a safe and ready to use endoscope.  If you have any questions on cleaning or the proper techniques, please feel free to call: 929-352-3636

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  3. Out with the OLD in with the NEW!

    Out with the OLD in with the NEW!

    Sure, getting a CV-190 isnt cheap, but what is going to speed up your cases and give you a better diagnosis?  With a better image and being able to do a faster procedure, you will create more time overall to get this unit paid for.  Its well worth it to go HD now rather than later.  Contact us for the CV-190 tower and we will customize your Surgical Suite to fit your needs.  Call: 929-352-3636

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  4. Olympus Common Terms/Acronyms

    Olympus Common Terms/Acronyms
    Olympus Common Terms/Acronyms
    Prefixes Suffixes Inside P/N
    AF Angioscope 2 Numbers Fiber A Suction Function
    BF Bronchoscope     D  
    CF Colonoscope ex. BF-10/CF-10L/GIF-P20   I Intermediate (Colono 133cm)    
    CF(S) Sigmoidoscope     K  
    CHF Choledochoscope 3 Numbers Video L Long (Colono 168cm)
    CLE Light Source     M Short (Colono 103cm)
    CLH Light Source ex. CF-100L/GIF-140   P Pediatric
    CLK Light Source Q Super Image
    CLV Light Source T Therapeutic
    CV Processor V Video
    CYF Cystoscope X Slim
    ENF ENT Scope  
    GIF Gastroscope  
    HYF Hysteroscope  
    JF Duodenoscope  
    LF Intubation Scope  
    LTF Rigid - Deflectable Tip  
    OSF Sigmoidoscope  
    PCF Pediatric Colonoscope  
    PF Angioscope  
    SIF Small Bowel Scope  
    SU Suction Pump  
    TJF Therapeutic Duoden  
    URF Ureteroscope  
    XLS Light Source            
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  5. Pentax Common Terms/Acronyms

    Pentax Common Terms/Acronyms
    Pentax Common Terms/Acronyms  
    Prefixes Inside Suffixes
    Type Outer Diameter  
    F = Fiber Size = ex. 38/3 = 12.7 mm Scope Characteristics
    V = Video   AP = Air Pulse Technology
    E = Electronic Video Processor F = Full (1500mm/150cm)
        L = Long (1700mm/170cm)
    Application 30/31/40 = EPM-1000/3300/3500 Q = Oblique Optics
    B = Bronchoscope 30K/31K/70K = EPK-700 R = Rigid Ocular
    C = Colonoscope   T = Therapeutic/Two Channel
    CN = Choledoch/Nephroscope   U = Ultrasound - Linear
    CP = Cholangio (Baby) scope   UR = Ultrasound - Radial
    CY = Cystoscope   Z = Zoom
    D = Duodenoscope    
    E = Esophagoscope   Series
    G = Gastroscope   BS = Portable (Bedside)
    I = Intubation Scope   K = Color CCD (Requires EPK-700)
    NL = Nasolaryngoscope   P = Simplified Fiberscopes
    S = Sigmoidoscope   V = Fiber Endoscope
    SB = Small Bowel Enteroscope    
    UR = Ureteroscope    
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